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Fortunately, we offer an extravagant iPad repair service at Brunswick and around Melbourne. We can fix any problem you're having with your iPad and return it to you as soon as possible in perfect working order. You're probably eager to get back out on the street and use your iPad again, which is what we're here to do. We take pride in treating all of our customers with the utmost respect. We're only a phone call away when you need to make an appointment!

Proper Solution For iPad Repairing

When your iPad breaks, it’s never fun. It can be frustrating, especially if you’re not able to get your device fixed right away. If you need an iPad repair service, you should come to us and speak to the experts. We’re a reliable service center that can help to get your iPad fixed. Our team of expert technicians is available to fix your iPad no matter what model you have. 

When you're ready to find reliable iPad repair services, you don't need to look any further. We have everything you need to be up and running again with a clean, fixed iPad in no time. We offer repair services for all iPad users. If you have a cracked screen, liquid damage, water damage, a faulty power button, a malfunctioning speaker, or battery issues, we can help. We know that your iPad is a necessity and that it's important for you to have accessibility to it at the earliest. The best thing is that we have the know-how to have your iPad fixed as soon as possible so that you can get back to business.

Top-Notch Service At Your Finger Tips

When your iPad screen starts to malfunction, don't worry–our service is here to help. We offer a competitive price and a high-quality repair service that will get your iPad looking as good as new. Best of all, the entire process is affordable. There's no need to put your iPad down and miss out on all of the other cool features it has to offer. The repairs are done in-house by professionals that have been working with iPads for years. The repair technicians are trained experts and they work with a high-tech lab to ensure your iPad is fixed and working like new.

We Are the Longest Repair Center in Melbourne Repairing Since 1999

Why People Choose iFix Repair

iFix Repair is an established mobile phone repair firm in Brunswick. We perform on-the-spot repair for any models of phones and laptops. Easy service is provided for all types of physical damages, battery problems, water damages, mainboard issues, data retrieval, and restoration requirements, etc. Our technicians are certified and licensed as well as possess high experience and deep knowledge in all sorts of service. We don't make our customers wait and hence provide a fast, efficient, and reliable service.


We guarantee that we use genuine and high-quality components to fix the phone. Also, we assure the complete safety and security of your data on the phone.


Our highly experienced team is well-qualified to perform any sort of repair service in all models of phone and laptop. Our experience is the key support of our integrity.


The well-trained and highly skilled technicians are capable to deal with all models of phones available in the market. They are talented to diagnose and repair rapidly.


We utilize advanced technology for all sorts of mobile phone and laptop repairing. Hence a fast and high-quality result can be expected. High-quality service at an affordable rate is our motto.

We have been serving customers in these locations like Fitzroy, Northcote, Carlton, Parkville, Flemington, Ascot Vale, Moonee Ponds, Essendon, Coburg, Pascoe Vale, Princess Hill, Carlton, North Melbourne, Clifton Hill, Strathmore and Melbourne, CBD

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the specialty of iFix Repair?

Our experienced and skilled team of technicians is highly qualified to deal with all models of available mobile phones in the market. Hence a seamless and hassle-free service can be guaranteed. Also, we offer the same day repair for minor problems like front glass broke, battery replacement, etc.

Do you repair phone models other than those displayed on the website?

We repair almost all models of mobile phones. The usual ones are displayed on our website. For more information, please feel free to call us and talk to our service center.

Do you provide any offers for multiple issues on my phone?

Yes, we provide discounts for multiple issues affecting your mobile phone. Call us for more information and quotes.

Shall I walk-in or make an appointment for my device repair?

No appointment is necessary. Come to us. For iPhones, ipads, and other common models, same-day repairing is possible. Repairing other devices depend on the availability of parts.

I had accidentally dropped my phone in the water, what should I do?

After taking the phone out of the water, dry the phone carefully and do not press any buttons. Remove the battery if possible. Then bring to us as soon as possible.

Is data recovery possible from my damaged phone?

Yes, in most cases, we can get the information back. Still, we recommend all mobile phone users backup their data so that you can be stress-free.

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We are a top-rated phone service center for repairing all gizmo problems at Brunswick. A team of expert technicians is intensely trained to detect, rectify and assist the customer in fixing issues related to their gadgets.

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